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Thirteen states and Puerto Rico will be offering a sales tax holiday for school supplies during the months of July, August, or September. Products that are eligible according to the statute include “items normally used by students in a standard classroom for educational purposes.” To see the names of participating states, products exempted from tax, and sales tax holiday dates download the PDF below or click the picture and zoom in.

Please note that you must place your order with Stampin’ Up! during the tax holiday period in order to receive these items tax-free (which is midnight on the first day to midnight on the last day of the tax holiday). Also, keep in mind that this is a state sales tax holiday; the state statute may not apply to county, city, and special jurisdiction taxes.

Please note that Georgia, Louisiana, Virginia, and Wisconsin have suspended the sales tax holiday again this year.

Plus during the month of July you can earn a $5 coupon for every $50 you spend. That coupon will be emailed from Stampin' Up!

Tax Holiday_NA-EN
Download PDF • 445KB

Message or text me with any questions.


Happy Stamping!

Sonia Bernard

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